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Swamp tours in beautiful Lafayette, Lake Martin, Louisiana

Alligators, birds, and beautiful scenery with the perfect guide to show you the way at Lake Martin, Breaux Bridge, Louisiana


About Us

Swamp Tours of Acadiana, LLC

Lake Martin tours

Open 7 days a week, from sunrise till sunset ( Time varies due to daylight savings times)

GPS address: 1209 Rookery Rd. Breaux Bridge, La. 70517

For Reservations call: 337-342-3867 or https://www.facebook.com/swamptoursofacadinana

2 hour tours-$20.00 per adults

$10.00 per child under (13 years old)

-Cash Preferred-


The tour boats are the original cajun  crawfish skiff still used today by local fishermen in Louisiana swamps  and bayou. These boats allow us to access deep into the heart of our  beautiful Lake Martin swamp. All the boats are inspected by Louisiana  Wildlife Fisheries and License. The boat guide is a native of south  Louisiana and a residences of Lake Martin. He was born and raised in the Cajun culture.

The boat can seats 6 people comfortably  on padded seats also seats 2 extra people on a bench in front of boat.  Once afloat you be able to enjoy the sights and sounds of the lake while being pushed alone by push-pole like our great ancestor did  for many  years.

About Lake Martin, Louisiana

Lake Martin/Cypress Island Preserve is a  backwater flood pain, cut off from the main Atchafalaya river basin. In  the 1950s the  Lafayette Sportsman Club with local land owners, set in  motion to build a 5 mile levee around Lake Martin swamp to maintain a  constant water depth for hunting and fishing, in turn, the seasonal  water fluctuation that occurred in the backwater swamp was controlled  due to the levee. As an added bonus, created a very attractive area for  alligators and wading birds to utilize the area for feeding, roosting,  and rookery purposes. The swamp also has some of the largest alligators, at over 10 feet long!

You can enjoy local wildlife from an  occasional sightings of a whitetail deer, wild hogs, raccoons, to  opossums. There is also a large variety of birds, including the state  bird brown pelicans, egrets, large and small herons, and even a breeding pair of bald eagles. (207 different species of birds during nesting  season). It is very easy to feel part of nature while drifting along  in  the swamps of  Lake Martin.  You can experience some of the most breathe  taking sights at sunset here.

***Make sure to bring to bring your cameras***

Swamp tours in beautiful Lafayette, Lake Martin, Louisiana

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