2013 - 2014
Louisiana Hunting Season
 Information and Pricing
Bayou Teche Hunting Preserve
Louisiana Hunting - Louisiana Hunting Guides
Louisiana Upland Game
  (Quail, Chukar, Pheasant) Hunting
Guided and Unguided Hunts.
Guide Fee :
$200.00 Half Day and $300.00 Whole Day
Guided Hunt Bird Fee Per Bird
Quail $12.00
Chukar $16.00
Pheasant $23.00
Un Guided Bird Fee
Quail $11.00
Chukar $15.00
Pheasant $21.00
Prices for birds are for birds placed in field
Three day Package includes Lodging 1 buck 1 doe on doe days or either sex day.
Deer Hunts are free range and no guarantee. Best time to come is during rutting.
 December 15 to the end of January
$750.00 per man
Day Hunts un guided $200.00 per man
Guided $350.00
Kill Fee $800.00 Buck any Size
Doe $500.00
Louisiana Wild Hog Hunts
During Hunting Season
$200.00 per man
Afternoon Hunt and Morning Hunt
12:00 pm to Dark and Sunup to 12:00 pm
Night Time Hunts April 1st to August 31st
$200.00 per man
12:00 pm to following day 12:00 pm
Lodging Available $40.00 per man
Louisiana Wild Hog Hunting
Guided Hunts with Guide and Dogs
$300.00 Half day Hunt
$400.00 Whole Day Hunt
Fee covers up to 6 people in a group
Bring your own dogs
Guide Fee
$250.00 Half Day
$350.00 Whole Day
Louisiana Alligator Hunting - Louisiana Guided Alligator Hunts
Louisiana Alligator Hunts
with Guided Ventures
Call Charlie LeDoux at 337-515-4868
 for more information.